The time is NOW for us to get to work on feeling amazing. 

It is time to trust your body, it knows exactly what to do. Heck it’s been doing it well for centuries before us. You don’t have to live with hormonal issues, bad skin, fatigue, digestive problems, inflammation, or more. It’s time to free your head of worry around what to eat and what not to eat. Food should be about enjoyment, nourishment not anxiety or restriction.

When we work privately one on one together, we are going to dive deeply into the underlying causes of your health complaints, optimise your nutrition and lifestyle to address them, and in the process learn to really accept and appreciate the amazing vehicle (your body) you have been blessed with. 


  • Hormone Health (eg. menstrual problems, post birth control syndrome, irregular cycles, perimenopause)

  • Gut Health (eg. Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, dysbiosis, bloating, digestive upset)

  • Skin Health (eg. eczema, acne, psoriasis)

  • Lifestyle & Nutrition coaching (eg. ancestral/whole-food nutrition)

  • Energy Enhancement (eg. adrenal fatigue)

Feeling energised, nourished, confident, proud, free and most importantly comfortable in your own skin. You will have the answers you’ve been searching for, you will know exactly how to eat, move and think to provide your body with the right information to free yourself from those nagging symptoms and limiting beliefs. 

If you are a woman between 20 and 45 years young, let me guide you to superior health and happiness. 


STEP ONE: Intake form (you will receive this upon your online booking)

  • Gathering in depth details of your current health status, health history and information from all relevant facets of your life (menstrual cycle, digestion, sleep, nutritional intakes, symptoms, previous health strategies etc)

STEP TWO: Online Face to Face Consultation (60-75 minutes)

  • An open discussion to create clarity on your current health and lifestyle goals and identify any obstacles in the way of you getting healthier

  • Clarity on the key areas to optimise and why

  • Review of any recent relevant laboratory testing

  • Suggested functional testing to further investigate underling root causes of your complaints if necessary

STEP THREE: Your Action plan (delivery of your written action plan)

  • Holistic Health Plan with targeted nutrition, supplements and lifestyle plan to help you reach you feel better

STEP FOUR: Select your payment and ongoing support

  • If you decide that once off consultation is your option; AU $299 for all above

  • If you decide to work with me (highly recommended for better outcome); AU $149/month for minimum of 4 months - monthly plan guaranteed

I am proud of you for prioritising your health first. I cannot wait to meet you and help to guide you in your health journey.