Kerstin ALTMANN, Airlie Beach 

When I started working with Chantel about a year ago I felt quite stressed, anxious and my life felt very much out of balance. I did not like leaving the house, my night’s sleep consisted of tossing and turning until the next morning, and my energy levels were quite low. Back then I needed at least 2 coffee to get me started for the day and another one to get me through the early afternoon slump. Years earlier I was told I have what is called a ‘leaky gut’ which basically led to constant gut / stomach issues I had just learned to ignore over the past few years.

My original approach to Chantel were my failed weightless issues, which I am still dealing and tackling with Chantel’s help. However, what I gained in the last year was way more than I could ever have hoped for. Chantel guided me step by step and taught me how to bring my body (mainly my gut) back into balance. I started on a nutritional plan and focussed on breathing and relaxation techniques. I actually started focussing on myself for once. From that day on everything else seemed to be falling into place one after another.  My gut health started to improve, my energy levels increased dramatically – to the point my body was happy with one cup of coffee every few days. My feelings of  ‘being on the edge’, anxiousness and stress completely disappeared. I now love leaving the comfort zone of my own sofa and I am out and about as much as I can, exploring the beautiful area we live in. 

I am way happier, more relaxed, active and calmer person in general - I basically feel in balance with myself.  I am loving life and every minute of it – Thank you for helping me to archive this Chantel x


Greg McKINNON, Airlie Beach 

I have known Chantel and her husband Jan for around 3 years when I found out Chantel was studying health and dietary, digestive and gut issues,  I approached Chantel for help and the journey began. Chantel's approach was extremely professional, spending many hours questioning me, digging out the real issues to then be able to make an assessment and set myself a direction.

What helped enormously was the testing process that gave the real answers, Chantel sent my tests away and in a short time period received the results that gave her the direction for my future, the amount of hours Chantel put into making sure my direction was right for me was amazing and her passion shone through, its not a job for Chantel, it’s a passion to make it right and at every point I felt she was doing everything to get it right for me.

I was blown away by how much information I was given, the future planning of my health issue was dealt with in a way for the first time ever, in a way that I could understand without having to have a dictionary sitting beside me to dissect the answers. I always knew that Chantel's heart was there for me by the every present messaging and emails and phone was always open.

It is the best thing I have done for my health and the results were instant for me, after working with Chantel for the last 18 months she is my future to keep me healthy and I thank her from the bottom of my healthy heart, love your work xx


Curtis PALMER, Melbourne

Chantel is an extremely conscientious health coach that goes above and beyond anyone else I have worked with. Instead the usual treating the symptom approach she was able to discover what was the cause of my issues and therefore her treatment suggestions were targeted and specific. I found that Chantel gave me very specific explanations of what was going on and why she prescribed the methods she did. It always felt like she gave me quality time to ensure that I received the best advice she could give.

I like that Chantel's approach is holistic, results are evidenced based, treatments targeted at specific issues and explanations are detailed. I always felt like Chantel was there for me if I had a question and that her approach is super caring and friendly. It was important to me that Chantel didn’t ‘guess’ how to treat my issues, she used evidenced based results to determine exactly what was going on.

I believe that Chantel can help anyone who wants to feel better from the inside.