This is a topic very close to my heart. I started out studying Pharmacy because I wanted to work in healthcare. Health was an area that always appealed to me more than business or finance or other creative professions. At the time I didn’t know that business, finance and creative marketing can in many ways influence healthcare. I was naive, I went into health because I wanted to help people and I still believe that is why most people go into it. I was good at caring for others and I loved learning information about how things worked and what better and more fascinating “thing” than the Human Body.

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For centuries females have been the carer of many – from family to community. Gathering, preparing, sacrificing are inherent to our nature. This has extended into modern day living – only now external pressures are far greater. The end result is a society of burnt out beautiful women.

The chronicity of stress is the real enemy. Our bodies are more than equipped to deal with acute bouts of stressful situations and this is of course of benefit when dealing with a stressful situation such as running from danger or preparing for a presentation.

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