Let’s welcome back some “Old School Superfoods”?

I was unpacking my groceries today and they stopped me in my tracks! In my head I said, “My gosh that’s a good looking bunch of superfoods – nutrients gallore”. Literally that’s what I said.

The truth is even these “Old School Superfoods” can get a little pricey, as they come back into fashion. Still not as expensive as the new wave of powdered superfoods. The good news is that they are so dam cheap and simple to make yourself! I am going to link to some recipes under each superfood so you can all take the cheaper option if you choose.

Today convenience won out for me. But in perspective, still A LOT cheaper than living with a disease. #foodismedicine #preventioncheaperthantreatment

Are you ready for a little Nutritional Pornography?

Ok, here they are:


Chicken Liver Pate (from Harvest Deli)

  • Gram for gram liver contains more nutrients than any other food! Hands down winner. I hear you, I didn’t like it either. But I learnt too!!!! It’s too nutritionally good not to!!! Power of mindset people.
  • Think natural Vit A (moderate doses of synthetic Vit A were associated with birth defects in studies NOT with natural Vit A at normal doses), abundance of B vitamins, including B12, folate, bioavaible iron, copper, zinc, chromium, CoQ10 – not a complete list.
  • In case your concerned, no, the liver doesn’t store toxins. Toxins are stored in fatty tissues.
  • However, it does detoxify and store important nutrients for these processes (hence the array of nutrients in liver). So best to buy organic and from well raised animals that don’t have dodgey livers from metabolising drugs/hormones etc.
  • How much? Small amount twice a week, that’s all I ask.
  • How to http://realeverything.com/chicken-liver-mousse/

Raw milk (from Cleopatra’s Bath Milk)

  • Oh my the creamy goodness.
  • Comes from cows that graze off grass. Cows are herbivores and thrive on grass not grain.
  • Grass fed cows milk has higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a healthy trans fat, yes you read that right and higher levels of fat soluble vitamins.
  • Pasteurised milk does retain some level of nutritional value but it seems that unpasteurised milk is superior in vitamin and mineral content overall.
  • How much? Enough to leave a creamy moustache whilst your bathing in it (it’s illegal remember).
  • How to make ? Milk a cow.

Beet kvass (from Loving Living foods)

  • A traditional Ukrainian fermented tonic. Great source of probiotics, it is usually fermented with lactobacillus strains. Also regarded as a blood tonic and liver cleanser. Not bad to have in the fridge pre or post-xmas !!!
  • How much ? 30ml once or twice daily
  • To make your own http://wellnessmama.com/9087/beet-kvass-recipe/

Sauerkraut (from Alive Foods)

  • Also a traditional fermented cabbage condiment that is a rich source of diverse probiotics
  • Pro = “For” & Biotic= “life” ie. Probiotics = For Life. They are microorganism that are beneficial to humans. Who doesn’t want some of that!!!
  • Studies suggest consuming a diversity of probiotic microorganisms has a wide range of postive effects.
  • Ready for them: reducing inflammation, treating diarrhoea and constipation, improving the immune systems, minimising or reversing lactose intolerant, and reducing anxiety and improving cognitive function.
  • The fermentation even creates new nutrients that weren’t present in the food before. Our little friends produce B vitamins, including folates, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and biotin. Lactobacilli also produce omega 3 fatty acids. Science is so cool!!!!
  • There are so many different “cabbage/veggie combinations” available. Check out my beetroot kraut. A rotate them with different flavours to mix things up.
  • How much? 1-3 tablespoon daily.
  • To make your own http://wellnessmama.com/663/homemade-sauerkraut/

Extra Virgin Cod Liver oil (brand Rosita)

  • A daily dose of Vit A (important for cell growth and reproduction) , Vit D (referred to as a vitamin-like hormone, and is essential for calcium absorption and bone mineralisation, immune function and much more)  and omega 3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory
  • Taking A with D is best as it reduces the toxicity threshold of Vit A and all fat soluble vitamins work better together
  • This brand taste very smooth to go down.
  • How much? 1 teaspoon daily
  • Available online here

Broth Concentrate (from Bountiful Broth)

Not your typical list however these nutrient dense, whole foods that have been around for generations and generations before us are some of the cheapest and best ways to ensure your body is thriving. And when the inside is happy, it takes care of the outside.


Chantel xx