Ok this is a quick message to share a new product that I am currently LOVING that I picked up at the Australia Health & Wellness Summit where my talented hubby was speaking cutting edge training methodologies from the Institute of Motion for optimal health and longevity. I’m a lucky duck I know.

So what is this awesome new discovery you ask?

Well I am afraid it doesn’t involve any baked goods, or fancy superfood BUT it is very much a superfood (just not a fancy one) and of course a nutritious one (that’s what a “super” food should be after all).

It does come in a container so technically it is processed BUT hold your horses not the type of processed food…..

It is BEST OF THE BONE, Bone Broth Concentrate!!!! And no it’s not a powder but a liquidy, paste like substance that is slow cooked (& pressure cook), pasture raised, ground up bone and cartilage with the the marrow and all the goodness in a concentrate.

So all you do is add 1 Tablespoon to boiling water and you have a delicious, mineral, collagen rich bone broth. You could also add it to any cooking to infuse it with the boney goodness.

It is really great for those:

  • Who don’t have a slow cooker to make your own bone broth (me at the moment, sad I know)
  • For travel. Having broth whilst travelling is so handy to keep our immune system fighting well and aid recovery
  • For peeps who want to try out the taste of bone broth before committing to the task of making it
  • Time poor folks who still want to incorporate broth into their day but can’t be bothered with all that straining

*** Please note I am not endorsing laziness: making your own broth is way more cost effective and really not that time consuming; chuck it all in, let it simmer for 20 hours then do the messy straining job and your done!!!!

In case you need a brief recap of the benefits of bone broth and a recipe to make your own, check out this blog here.

But in short, the benefits of bone broth date way back to our grandma’s, grandma’s day and well before that, where they insisted on a cup of chicken broth to heal a variety of ailments, like tummy flu. Beyond assisting in digestion, and promoting a healthy tummy lining bone broth has many other reasons to drink this liquid gold daily.

Benefits include:

  • Improving joint health and arthritis
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Helping bone repair
  • A rich source of collagen (great for health skin/wrinkles/cellulite and soft tissue repair)
  • Supporting the immune system

So if you are looking to improve the health of your skin, the health of your digestive tract, joint health, muscle, bone and soft tissue health and reduce inflammation, incorporating a cup of bone broth is a great starting place.

Using the whole animal (bones, cartilage, organ meats) and not just consuming the muscle meat of animals are key points missing in most peoples diet. These parts offer so many unique benefits and have soooooo much nutrition that it is embarrassing that we toss them out or never eat them. Have you watched, The Revenant, with Leonardo DiCaprio ??? You should, it’s a goodie. But there is a reason why when he is starving and needs food he cuts open the beast and chews on the liver — he knows its’s the most nutrient dense food on the planet and will give him most bang for buck nutritionally for him to survive.

So if you have been toying with the idea of bone broth and haven’t been able to stay committed to incorporating into your life regularly, these guys have done the work for you, and provide it is an easy to use form.

All you need to do is heat the kettle, add a dollop, stir and sip away at the goodness. I was extremely impressed by the taste as I am a bit of a flavour nazi when it comes to bone broth.

Check out the little info video and purchase here:


Chantel x