Healthy. Vibrant. Living. 


 How does that sound to you?

What does that look like for you?

Are you ready to have it all?

Whether or not you believe it yet, I am here to tell you, you can have it all. Yes you can be healthy, yes you can feel vibrant everyday and yes you can live the life of your dreams. In fact, you deserve NOTHING less. 

I get that you may not believe that right now and hey that is ok with me. I understand that chances are if you have landed on this page you are seeking answers and struggling with something or are at least curious about if I can help you with your health. 

If you are suffering with gut issues, hormone imbalance or you aren't getting enough nutrients chances are you won't be feeling very vibrant. Maybe you inherently know that addressing your diet and lifestyle will improve your health complaints - I can assure you it will. Or that it is time to investigate the cause of your gut issues - just because is common doesn’t mean it's normal.  Or you feel that your hormones are all out of whack - hormones are key to feeling vibrant and sexy.  Or you are too tired to be motivated to do anything - you should have enough energy to want to play with the kids or your partner.

But you just don't know where to start or who can help? 

I get it, I have been there. 

I was struggling with body wide psoriasis, pimple prone skin, diarrhoea, allergic reactions and fatigue on a daily basis. To the world I looked fine. But to me I was itchy, ugly, emotionally broke and drained.

I spent hundreds of dollars on creams, supplements and medications none of which rid me of my problems.  I took medications, the side effects I knew all to well as a Pharmacist,  that suppressed the symptoms only to have them reappear when I stopped. I was itchy and both literally and physically uncomfortable in my own skin.

This really affected my mood and my self worth. I seeked help from doctors, naturopaths, friends and family, all of whom were focussing on the outside problem. No one ever suggeested it may be related to what I was eating or not eating, my stress levels, my exercise or anything inside my body.

So I did what I do best. I started researching. I explored outside my conventional realm as a Pharmacist and what I found was something pretty incredible. It was the world of Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease or symptoms.  It is  backed by science and a strong appreciation for the inter-connectiveness of the human body.

Changing my focus to what was happening inside of my body (my gut, my hormone, nutrients),  and how I could influence these things on a daily basis (nutrition, movement, stress management, supplements) with the choices I make was the turning point in my health and career. 

I'm now a  Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Pharmacist (yes, I've been to University) & ADAPT Framework Level One Trained by the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine specialising in addressing gut health, womens hormone health and nutrient deficiencies using functional lab testing and an ancestral nutrition approach.

Turns out I didn’t have an autominnue condition, or need to live with those daily symptoms or stay on medication for life!  I had an unhealthy gut caused from diet and stress. I had been taxing my stress response systems for years that eventually caused miscommunication between my brain and my hormone producing glands and lack of nutrients from eating a nutrient poor diet. I didn’t need medicating - I needed to focus on restoring functions inside of me.

And when I did it, step by step, things started to shift, improve, and eventually DISAPPEAR. 

Once you understand the concepts of how disease and symptoms manifest in the body (thankfully, it’s not all about our genes) and the underlying causes of your conditions things start to make more sense and give YOU the power to change it.

I reside in Byron Bay but I am not a hippy at heart. I have been to University, I respect quality research and love understanding biological processes. That is why I am dedicated to providing you with education, resources and solutions that are evidence based and have been used to help thousands of others like you.

My mission is simple.

To guide and shine a light for the people like me, the ones who know in their heart, the answer to their solution does not lie within a pill. But rather from looking within - nutritionally, emotionally, physically! 

I would be honoured to spend time with you to help you understand where your health complaints are coming from, address it from within, using nutrient dense foods, proven stress management tools, tailored movements, all of which are sustainable and the only side effects include a more healthy, vibrant life.